Sovereignty and shamanism

We are a sovereign, non heliocentric community

We inhabit the Montgo Natural Park, where we pray to the mountain

In this entrance to the era of Aquarius, we begin an eternal disposition to our proximus.

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"This land we inhabit is not the property of anybody but of those who work the land. We work in eternal disposition to those warriors who want to balance existence"

Sovereign community following natural law
The local currency is the only true and natural one: Seeds, Plants/Trees and Fruits/Veggies.
Every spirit is welcome to Villakarmita, and they are the only one responsible for their intention and the destiny that is linked to it.

What we do at Villakarmita


Heal your existentialism trauma with us, rediscover where we are. Assisted by the spirits of many diferent sacred medicine plants.

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L’espirit del Montgo

Sovereign kids association, where the cocreators of tomorrow get empowered.

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Local Market

Exchange your fruit, veggies and seeds at our exchange market

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Heal your trauma surrounded by centenary trees, in a sacred land.

We assist any kind of existential trauma:

  • Addictions
  • Congestion
  • Memory trauma
  • Death Fear
  • Social Fear

We are helped by the spirits of many different ancestral plants

We develop our own plant based medicine.

We assist based on a 1 on 1 methodology.


* Everything we do is in exchange of seeds, plants/trees and fruits/veggies or energy exchange.

L’espirit del Montgo

The local association for sovereign kids!

We empower the kids from our local community giving them resources and knowledge so that they can develop themselves in a physical and spiritual way.

We share knowledge from the following topics:

  • Practical
  • Spiritual
  • Reality
  • Physical

* Everything we do is in exchange of seeds, plants/trees and fruits/veggies or energy exchange.

Local Market

Every month we build a local exchange market of homegrown fruits, veggies and seeds.

We always prepare some raw veggie snacks and tea for the participants.

If you are interested on participating in the next one, please get in contact with us.

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* Everything we do is in exchange of seeds, plants/trees and fruits/veggies or energy exchange.


L´espirit del Montgo

L´espirit del Montgo Educational Model

Alojamientos conscientes

Conscious places to stay

Biólogos por la verdad

Biology group looking for truth


Sovereign network in Spain


media without censorship

No al Pase Covid

COVID Pass Inconstitional


Eduard - Social Entrepreneur
Rebecca - Social Entrepreneur
Bandhi - Youtuber
Abraham - Social Entrepreneur
Manu - Social Entrepreneur
Guillermo - Social Entrepreneur

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